Customer Review

There are a lot of handyman companies, all claiming to provide the best value for the best prices for anything and everything from plumbing to painting. Hence, I was skeptical at first when I came across iimafix. However, all these other companies do not have what iimafix has. iimafix delivers transparent prices upfront (so you decide once you are convinced that the prices are fair), and they do not charge hidden transport fees (as they simply don´t have to, with their geo-location app). I helped my clients save 20% of their annual home repair / maintenance fees.

Anthony Low
CEA no. R011448D

My client´s satisfaction is important to me and I want to provide the best value to each of them. This is why I am very discerning when it comes to assigning my clients´ home repair work to only certified handymen and technicians. iimafix has been very responsive, reliable and honest. During one occasion, I was pleasantly surprised to be advised by the Home Care Technician that I need not spend more money for a costly replacement as the existing part could still last for another year- all that would be required for now was a couple tweaks. Other companies I have experienced never return your repeated calls, texts, or do not show up and are looking for every opportunity to charge you and arm and a leg. I now achieve a 20% higher sales conversion rate than before I started using iimafix.

Karis Oke Kah Ye
Realstar Premier Group Private Limited
CEA: R030067I

Iimafix - Reliable Service for Home Fix

An all rounded service, perfect for people on the go.
From start to finish Iimafix was responsible, thorough, quick to diagnose the problem, and they helped my clients to understand what had happened and what needed to be done--and they were able to fix it.
Iimafix knew what exactly to do and was committed to quickly resolving the problem.

Definitely a reliable service for home fix issues.
Stefanie Wong
SRI Pte Ltd
CEA no. R026642Z

This company provides very good service. Very responsive and the price is very reasonable. I called Gerald from iimafix. He responsed very fast and noted down my requirements for carpentry, painting and cleaning services. He was able to get back to me almost immediately and even sent down a few of his people to do a site visit to ensure a proper and honest quote. I would recomment another person to him gladly.

Francis Wong
Group Director
CEA no. R050520C