Our prices may be simple and very competitive, however we will still provide you the premium service and advice that you deserve to create the ambience and environment that you can appreciate. To us, every wall is a work of art.

Do not pay us yet. In order to assure you our work is done, both of us will have to observe that the waterproofing is effective and any leakage has been rectified - this can take up to a week. Even after payment, iimafix guarantees for up to a year.

We use only eco-friendly, non-hazardous material.

iimafix offers waterproofing services to solve all types of water leakage issues, including ceiling leakage, leaking Toilets, Bathrooms, Showers, Balcony, floors, Reinforced Concrete (R.C.) Roof, roofing repair, plumbing repair, etc. Our team of waterproofing specialists will conduct detailed inspection and recommend the best possible waterproofing materials to solve your seepage issues. We will provide you the option to fix water leakage issues within a day requiring no hacking or removal of existing tile finish.

With more than 20 years waterproofing contractor experience, our specialist contractors have undertaken thousands of projects for both residential and commercial waterproofing contracts and they are approved and registered by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore.

Our Guiding Principles are to

Provide a transparent upfront price, whether you are residing in public or private housing, whether it is an emergency or routine work, large or small. Our one standard price is market calibrated so You are assured of getting best value at the price.

Not charge a transport or survey fee, unlike others. Our geo-location technology allows us to despatch the nearest Home Care specialist to you at the shortest possible time. Our efficiency savings are yours.

Assess, then mediate both upper and lower floor residents Jointly agree on sharing of cost of repair works

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