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Home Inspection

We promise you will have an objective assessment. If there’s work that needs to be done, you can leave it to us, and we will do the rest. You have our word, you’ll get the most competitive offer so you will never need a second quote.

For any new home owner who has been on his hands and knees knocking tiles checking for hollow sounds, fret not. iimafix is the professional surveyor and industry’s choice to check for quality and defects. Unlike other professions, home quality inspection is not a licenced profession, hence you will require a Home inspection company that has a keen eye with an attention to detail, sharpened through years of building and construction under our belt, able to intuitively detect hidden defects. Our specialists use proprietary equipment and standards to detect what others simply cannot.

Every home owner deserves a perfect, defect-free, worry-free home from the developer.

Secure your deposit - avoid messy disputes with the tenant / landlord

Let iimafix make the assessment for you, whether you are purchasing a new home, resale or simply handing/taking over rental premises. iimafix makes home inspection affordable for all – we are the most competitively priced.
Should you ever need to have electrical work done, engage iimafix. Our Guiding Principles are to
record the condition of your premise just before handing it over.
Take photographs and videos of everything, so that both landlord / tenant are aligned on existing conditions or damages.
Assess and quote for repairs and rectification
covers architectural finishes, exposed plumbing and electrical works within your property
Issuance of a defect list to submit to the developer
Attending Joint Inspection with Developer and Contractor prior to the start of rectification work
Verification of the works to BCA CONQUAS and industry standards upon completion of the rectification work