Prevent accidents and avoid a fine. Appoint an EMA-licensed Electrician for your Electrical needs. Our licensed electricians will undertake all your Electrical work, whether small or large. Our prices are competitive to unregulated Electricians, so rest assured you are getting the best value by doing the right thing. For minor work and emergencies, book online and have peace of mind you will be attended to promptly. If you require major work (eg. re-wiring your entire home), call us and we will do a free, non-obligatory, on-site survey. With iimafix, you will never need a second quote.

 Electrical Labor Rate  Price
 Install Ceiling Fan  $115
 2nd & Subsequent  $90
 Install Wall Fan  $90
 2nd & Subsequent  $75
 Install New 13A Power Point (up to 8 Meter)  $110
 2nd & Subsequent  $90
 Install New Lighting Point  $110
 2nd & Subsequent  $90
 Replace on/off Switch  $65
 2nd & Subsequent  $45
 Replace 3-Pin 13A Power Socket  $65
 2nd & Subsequent  $45

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Never engage uncertified / unlicensed electricians or attempt to do electrical work yourself. There are good reasons why it is an offence in Singapore to carry out electrical work without a licence or to knowingly allow any unlicensed person to carry out electrical work.

Firstly, you would have poor power efficiency, consuming more electricity and spending more on your bill than you should. You may also have exposed wiring or sockets which are a hazard if you have curious and unattended toddlers in the home and this would be hazardous, resulting in serious injury.

Secondly, pray there are no thunderstorms while you are on holiday or out of the house, because you will have a power trip and your refrigerator and freezer will be the first to shut down.

iimafix electricians are certified by BCA / Energy Market Authority (EMA) / IDA, and with our collective 50 years of electrical experience, are creative in our own right. As much as it is a science, it is also an art - from detecting where to drill a hole to hang up a prized art piece, to ensuring the most energy efficient wiring layouts are practical for the home owner.

Should you ever need to have electrical work done, engage iimafix. Our Guiding Principles are to
Provide a transparent upfront price, whether you are residing in public or private housing, whether it is an emergency or routine work, large or small. Our one standard price is market calibrated so You are assured of getting best value at the price.
Not charge a transport or survey fee, unlike others. Our geo-location technology allows us to despatch the nearest electrician to you at the shortest possible time. Our efficiency savings are yours.

Lighting, Switch, power point, socket, child-proof socket installation and repair