We dream of having a clean house, but who actually dreams of doing the cleaning?

We are ENV Licensed, trained Cleaners. We are also BizSafe certified to ensure that all safety aspects are adhered to during the thorough cleaning process.

You may not feel all that comfortable engaging a stranger to clean our house or you want the assurance that they will be thorough enough to not miss a spot.

A good and honest cleaner knows where and how to clean. A dishonest one will cut corners knowing where not to clean so they can get away with not cleaning areas you will not notice.
We clean as how you would clean your own. Having a large team of experienced and meticulous cleaners, we uphold a high standard of cleaning your home. Whether it is for spring cleaning or tenancy/property hand over or moving out, with the iimafix promise of upfront transparent fair pricing, so you do not need a second quote.
 Rental Handover Cleaning  Price
 HDB 3 RM  $320
 HDB 5 RM  $400
 HDB Executive  $480
 HDB Adjoining I  $600
 Condo < 500 Sqf  $280
 Condo 501 - 900 Sqf  $320
 Condo 901 - 1100 SqF  $360
 Condo 1101 - 1300 Sqf  $400
 Landed Built in 2000 - 2500 SQF  $680
 Landed Built in 2501 - 3000 SQF  $875

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Why us?

The cleaning equipment we use (Quality HEPA water based vacums, Anti-bacterial cleaning solutions, Sanitizing Solutions, Microfiber Cloths), may not be the most state of the art technology, but we strongly believe in cleaning the old-fashioned way. More importantly, we use safe, green, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies only, without compromising on effectiveness. All supplies provided.

Our customers are of utmost importance for us. You are assured that our experienced and mature cleaners are trusted and experienced, reliable and undergo stringent background checks so you are at ease with us in your home. We adopt best employment practices and a progressive wage model, so we attract, train, retrain and retain the best cleaners. Our productivity initiatives which require regular mandatory training. We work with cleaners who are accredited, and hence have more stringent criteria that differentiates the quality of services.

We conduct regular, random audits on each team which ensure service, safety and operational standards of General Housekeeping are maintained, while cleaning methods and processes are practiced constantly

How do we do it?

Depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, we will normally despatch a larger team with a team lead. We do this because we promote team work, safety and fair treatment.

Performing thorough cleaning is exhausting and we want the team to own the entire cleaning process, where each crew member’s role and work includes being as responsible for others.

The crew will be most productive in the first couple hours and this is mostly all the time it takes for a job well done. Do not be misled by claims that more time spent results in a better job as others may have you believe - they despatch only 1-2 cleaners and take up to 4-5 hours, however productivity and thoroughness drops markedly after the first 2 hours as cleaners become tired and this is when you can expect.

What do we promise to do?

Refer to the following detailed plan of what each would cover

  • General dusting ceiling and walls
  • Vacuuming and damp mopping of floors and skirting
  • Clean insides and exteriors of all cupboards/drawers/shelves/table tops (Insides if empty)
  • Clean and polish all mirrors
  • Cleaning of window sills / internal window glass panes
  • Cleaning of doors and door frames
  • Cleaning of ceiling fans (if any) with dry cloth (to prevent rust at edges)
  • Air-con exterior and filters (within reachable height using ladder)
  • Vacuuming and damp mopping / general washing down of floors
  • Cleaning of basin
  • Cleaning insides and exteriors surfaces of kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning of all window sills / internal window glass panes
  • Cleaning of kitchen wall tiles
  • Cleaning of doors and door frames
  • General wiping of cooker hood / hob
  • Cleaning interiors/exteriors of fridge / oven / washer / dryer (if any)
  • Dusting and wiping of wall, cabinet exterior, kitchen counter-top,sink & tap, dining table, and small kitchen appliances

Add-ons Degreasing of kitchen (including cooker hood metal filters and cooker hob parts)

  • Cleaning of basins, toilet bowls, bathtubs / shower glass
  • Cleaning of toilet floor and walls
  • Clean and polish all mirrors
  • Cleaning of doors and door frames
  • Windows cleaning
  • Toilet bowls
  • Bathtub and/or shower area
  • Cleaning and apply anti-bacteria coating for glass and mirrors
  • Basin and Tap
  • Ventilation fan surface (within reachable height)
  • Racks and drawer exterior
  • Floor and drains
  • Wall tiles and doors
  • Collect garbage and change garbage bags
  • Scrubbing & washing of toilet floors & walls (including dry floor)

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