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We are not priced the lowest nor the highest because we will not short change you with poor service, neither will we oversell you what you do not need.

Quarterly Services is under maintenance contract. Term & Condition Apply
*Quarterly Chemical Services consist of 3 Premium and 1 Chemical Wash

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1. Clean & check air filter
2. Check deodorizing and purifying filter
3. Clean & check indoor evaporator coil
4. Clean & check drainage tray
5. Vacuuming of drainage system
6. Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
7. Check fan bearing and lubricate
8. Check compressor suction and discharge pressure
9. Tightening of electrical contacts

1. Premium servicing with additional, pt 2-5
2. Chemical wash is done using the hanging method
3. Remove front cover and filter
4. Chemical Wash done at the unit itself.
5. Checking of all setting

There are just too many air conditioner servicing and maintenance companies to differentiate from- all of whom compete on price. You do not really know if they are ripping you off if they are promising you a chemical wash (do you really need one?) of if they are scrimping and simply dusting off your air filters without giving the inside a good once over.

Learn A Life Skill

For those who have heard that inner voice saying ‘Hey, I could do that!’ or ‘I’m paying them to do something as simple as that?’

It truly is - as simple as that.

At iimafix, we know and do everything there is about your air-condition, and you will, too. After we have done our job, you will feel empowered. It is very likely you will not need to call us back (or any of our competitors for that matter), as we would have transferred our knowledge to you and you would be equipped with the basics. This will save you money, but more importantly this will equip you with a crafty life skill. We provide this absolutely FREE!

Knowledge Transfer & Sharing

Before you made that purchase did you ask yourself - does the brand really matter? How often does my air-condition need to be serviced? Does it need a chemical wash or is this a scam? In fact, too much chemical wash will damage your aircon and decrease its life span. Even worse, if the wrong chemical is used, it could be toxic to the occupants at home.

We are honest, and we will give you the inside scoops, revealing all. We have no qualms about imparting our knowledge to you, so you can do it yourself. You will have the knowledge and skills to decide if you should continue with that maintenance contract. Who knows, one day you might turn professional!

Not having at least one air-condition at home is unheard of in tropical Singapore. For those who have been in a fix - whether it is an air-con leaking throughout the night soaking a prized persian carpet, or an air-con that has broken down in the middle of a hot humid night in your children’s’ bedroom, one of whom has HFMD and contagious,-having the basic skill to diagnose and to execute a quick fix remedy, is critical and handy.

iimafix will walk you through every step, troubleshooting and transferring our knowledge to you, unlike any of the other air con companies whom you have been second guessing if they are being thorough or are just going through the motion.

We dare say, iimafix is the only air condition servicing and maintenance company in Singapore that allows you to rely on… yourself.

iimafix will take you through the entire process each time, with you, so you will know your air-conditioner inside out. We are the only specialised, qualified company that will bestow you with the knowledge and the ability. Schedule a booking today and be enthralled, pick up a new life skill.