Frequently Asked Questions

We use algorithms with data from discussions with groups of customers and merchants to determine the type of services and the charges by various individuals/groups. These types of services are inter-changeable in the sense that it can be performable by each craftsmen to the same level of competence.

This price is one price, because for the services that we have listed, they are standardised, commoditised and widely available for all. Your first quote, should be your only quote because the market has deemed it acceptable.
We are not a classified ads portal, nor a multi-service matching portal that imposes a finders fee. Neither will we subject you to posting and then waiting to compare bids/quotes, for a job that you would otherwise regard as trivial. After all, you have other much better uses of your time.
iimafix™ web app makes booking repairs a breeze. Choose a date and time that works for you and our Smart resource allocation system (ISRAS) will assign our Home Care Technician in closest proximity to you- minimising costs and inefficiencies or the future appointment date will be slotted into our system and into the appointed Home Care Technician’s calendar.
In the instance that our One Price is not higher than others, it is because we guarantee all our customers deserve the same service, workmanship, for the same standardised service. For example, we eliminate transport fees and costs, by allocating jobs based on proximity, via our proprietary geo-location mobile app, allowing our Home Care Technicians to respond swiftly.

In the instance that our One Price is higher than others, it is because the service demands a skillset and/or certification that warrants it. If it is performed by any others, there is no guarantee for shoddy / unqualified work.
Each service request is prioritized basis location of where the job is to be done and the location of the Home Care Technician nearest to you at the scheduled time / date. Service request accepted once the HCT becomes available at any time.
Our Home Care Technicians are specialized and qualified professionals who have undergone a rigorous screening and training process.
We do not actually charge your credit card. We only charge you after the job is completed or for any cancellation that is within 4 hours of the scheduled date and time.
The fee includes the cost of repair and installation but excludes the cost of any parts required to be replaced. Our state of the art, ISRAS system, means you save on transportation fees that are normally charged, simply because the system assigns the job to a Home Care Technician closest to you at the scheduled date/time.
One of our guiding principles is that we will first and foremost repair and maintain as long as the parts are still in working condition. We will not advise you to incur unnecessary costs to replace. If there are parts which must be replaced, this will depend on quotation.
You may view details of each of your past services performed after you log in and click on 'View Request' or 'Dashboard'.
Please send us an email (help@iimafix.com) and we will try to help you in finding a suitable Home Care Technician to quote you at iimafix prices.
The iimafix assurance means that the Home Care Technician who has accepted the job, will attend the job within the scheduled time. In the unlikely event that there is a likely delay, we will inform you immediately and we can then make alternative arrangements.
As each service request is entered into our ISRAS system, we are unable to accept cancellations or rescheduling 4 hours before the initial scheduled date / time. There will be no fee refund for such cancellations or rescheduling.