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If you recently purchased a BTO flat or are getting ready to move in and intending to sell your current property, you need to know this.
Move in and Intending
Buyers and sellers will be increasingly sensitive to costs. If you are an HDB upgrader, you will be required to sell the property within 6 months from key collection date- although it is possible to extend by another year upon appeal if property remains unsold- during which time you will have to bear the costs of property tax, service & conservancy charges. These can come up to thousands in only a few months if the property is left unsold. In addition, the costs of financing 2 mortgages (including the unsold property) may apply if you took a bank loan.

It will be hard to differentiate your property from others, no matter what property agents promise you.

But, why does this matter?

Your property needs to be sold timely because

HDB can ‘force’ you to sell if they deem that you have not been pricing the property at valuation. At that point, it becomes a distressed sale and you stand to lose a lot more than initially expected after having the unit be on the market for an extended period of time.
More repairs. An un-occupied unit will need repairs because humid conditions are trapped within Lower Loan to Value (LTV). Not selling your current HDB flat before buying another one will significantly reduce the amount you can borrow to fund the purchase of the other property. If you have one outstanding housing loan, you can only borrow up to 50 percent of the other property’s value, based on your age and the loan’s tenure. This simply means the remainder of the property’s price has to be paid in cash.
Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). Banks will not allow you to use over 60 percent of your gross monthly income to repay property mortgages and other financial obligations. So if you’re currently already servicing an existing housing loan and you intend to purchase another, you are not likely to get the loan amount you apply for.
Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR). Similarly, the MAS has limited the MSR for those seeking funding for HDB flats or Executive Condominiums (ECs). For HDB and EC loans granted by commercial banks, the figure is only up to 30 percent, while the rate for mortgages granted by the Housing Board is capped at 35 percent. This means you can only use up to 30 percent or 35 percent of your gross monthly income to repay the monthly instalments of your housing loan. This is tricky to overcome if you’re servicing two mortgages simultaneously.
Higher interest expense. HDB will impose a greater interest rate versus its standard concessionary rate if you plan to apply for a second HDB loan to finance the acquisition.
Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD). If you choose not to sell your current HDB unit before buying another one, you will need to pay charges ranging from 12 percent to 15 percent based on the flat’s price. You could apply for an exemption, however this is subject to approval.
Taking all these into consideration, selling your property timely will result in significant savings- it may in fact allow you to achieve a better price, and without months of carrying costs (eg. property tax, service & conservancy charges).
sell your property

How do you sell your property in today’s weak, property market?

Home Staging is the solution. This is the opportunity for you to level the playing field with the big boys (ie. property developers), turning your home into a show flat, allowing you to style your house to showcase it in the best possible light to attract buyers or tenants. It’s a proven formula and many of the clients we have worked with swear by this. This powerful tool is now in your hands and we are making it affordable.

What is Home Staging?

It’s about highlighting your property’s best features in order to attract a wider audience and to achieve the objective of selling or leasing it out faster, at the highest price. It is done by de-cluttering, maintenance, re-arrangement or hire of furniture and decor and finding storage solutions.

For vacant properties, it involves dressing up a bare unit with rented furniture and furnishings, as it’s difficult for potential buyers to appreciate how large a space is in your empty house or to imagine its potential.

It will de-personalise your property and make it more neutral, transforming it into showroom condition, creating an aspirational lifestyle for potential buyers and tenants. If necessary, walls are repainted and scents are ‘planted’ during viewings so that the house smells irresistibly welcoming and warm, bringing back those childhood memories creating that X factor which makes your house unforgettable and creates desire to live in it. Careful and creative space planning will convert small spaces into livable, useful zones and big spaces into cosy homely areas, so that we highlight your property's unique selling points and downplay its drawbacks.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, you would want to get it right the very first time.
What is Home Staging

Is this money well spent? Is there a guarantee I would be able to sell my house quickly and at a higher price?

Viewings usually last an average of five to 10 minutes. After all, we usually have a pretty good idea or sense once we enter a home or a show flat, whether we can reside in and if it resonates with us. Hence, the first impression is critical as buyers decide within seconds whether they are interested.

It increases your selling price and decreases your selling time. Buyers typically negotiate in multiples of $5,000 to $10,000. Hence, if you spent say, $1,500 on the home staging fee but the buyer does not bargain, you’d have already gotten a good deal.

Do not be one of the many anxious homeowners whose house has been on the market for months, without any viewings. In a desperate attempt as the property gets cold, most owners ultimately end up slashing their asking price in the hope of attracting viewers and to trigger an offer. When that finally works, the distressed sales price is likely to be far lower than expected.

The opportunity cost of holding on to your unsold property and the eventual loss in the selling price always outweighs the negligible cost of Home Staging.

What is it going to cost?

Well, the cost of home staging depends on factors such as the size of the house; the areas to stage; and the furniture and accessories needed. But first and foremost, understand that you will get back that amount and attain an even bigger profit because your house has attracted buyers willing to bid higher for a good-looking house. The difference will exceed your expectations. Some bidders may even choose to buy the home with the rented furniture.

Typically, for a 2 bedroom condo or a 3 room HDB, a basic package could cost up to $500 per month for a minimum of 3 months. This covers professional recommendations, hands-on de-cluttering and re-organising of room layouts and décor, furniture rental and photography. It also includes free use of the company’s inventory such as lighting, carpets, small furniture and plants. It also includes limited amount of work that needs to be done eg. repairs, electrical, plumbing, painting and gardening.
What is it going to cost
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