Does your Air Conditioner need a chemical wash?

The Truth about whether you should subject your Air Conditioner to a Chemical Wash/overhaul.
air condition cleaning
Well, you shouldn’t really have to. It really depends on how regular you service your aircon and how well it is done each time.

Air-con companies will have you believing chemical cleaning is a must. Some of the cited reasons are that a clean aircon will prolong its lifespan, perform peak efficiency and lower electricity costs.

If you service your aircon regularly, say every quarter, you should still retain the benefits of
The air con system performing its basic function of effectively cooling of the room
The smooth, noiseless running of the air con
Increased efficiency of the air con, hence less electrical consumption
Elimination of water leakage
Elimination of foul smell from the air con
Pre-empting future potential serious breakdowns, leading to costlier repairs and/or replacement
On the other hand, if you have not serviced your aircon (say, more than 9 mths) or have not used it for more than 6 months, a chemical overhaul or wash is highly recommended.

Take note though that all chemicals are harmful, especially those used to remove dirt, oil, grime and scale. The main chemical used in Aircon chemical cleaning is Sodium Hydroxide. The label may also say that it is alkaline (please ensure it is not acidic!), however if not used as directed by a trained professional in the right diluted proportion, the chemical will do more harm than good to the aircon.

These are typical labels of aircon chemical cleaning agents.
cleaning solution
Take caution also that as the chemical cleaning process leaves a residue in trace amounts. Many aircon servicing companies neglect to clean the aircon unit after the chemical cleaning process. This is potentially hazardous and harmful to you and your family, especially children and infants, if the fumes are inhaled when the aircon is running thereafter.
allergies from dirty air conditione
Hence, ensure the aircon unit is properly flushed after the procedure. Washing it with clean water to remove all impurities and chemical products should do the trick.

To sum up, you can avoid being coerced into paying a premium to have your aircon chemical-washed if you are already having it regularly serviced by ensuring that this basic check list is covered in your maintenance contract. At iimafix, our maintenance contract covers “Free inspection during office hours” & “Free supply & replacement of thermistors, if necessary”. In the event the thermistor is faulty, we will replace it at no cost to you whereas other contractors are charging $100 for every thermistor (there are up to 2 thermistors in every unit FCU & CU.
 Item  Check Item/ Maintenance Requirement  Frequency
 1  Clean fan coil unit  Every servicing
 2  Inspect and clean air filters  Every servicing
 3  Vacuum drain pipe from fan coil and drainage outlet  Every servicing
 4  Clean and wash rotor, if applicable  Bi-annually
 5  Service drain pump, if applicable  Bi-annually
 6  Check electrical contact points (condenser)  Bi-annually
 7  Check and comb condenser fin, if necessary  Bi-annually
 8  Check condenser unit for deterioration parts  Bi-annually
 9  Clean condenser coils with water, if necessary  Bi-annually
 10  Check running ampere and operating pressure  Bi-annually
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