5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Electrician Rather Than Do Your Own Work

5 reasons to hire
Most Singaporean homeowners, in trying to save costs, often resort to DIY electrical repair and troubleshooting, believing that professional electrical work is not necessary if they can get the job done (at least, for the time being). However, this mentality may backfire and may even be potentially dangerous, especially if the DIY work is not performed with adequate skill. Listed here are five reasons why you should hire a professional electrician, rather than do your own electrical work.

1. Professional electricians have vast knowledge and experience in electrical matters

Professional electricians have more expertise in this area than the typical homeowner, as they have been properly educated and trained in handling electrical wiring, installations, and so on. Some examples of such courses are Quality Power Management Pte Ltd’s Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) course, or the BCA Academy’s certification courses for electricians, supervisors, and technicians.
This proper education and relevant training is crucial in navigating the complexities of electrical layouts and functions behind your electrical appliances or the walls of your home – a DIY project in handling such matters has a higher likelihood of causing blunders and errors, could even potentially be dangerous to yourself. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to adequately handle all the issues arising out of all your electrical appliances! Most Singaporean homeowners are usually only familiar with simple air-con maintenance, and changing light bulbs. Professional electricians, on the other hand, are proficient in handling multiple areas of household electrical needs, and therefore more likely to ensure the safety of your home and your appliances.

2. They have the relevant certification, and are reliable and competent

All electricians in Singapore must have licenses to practice. Licenses are granted by the Energy Markets Authority (EMA): for example, the Electrical Technician’s License permits an electrician to conduct installations, repairs, maintenance, operations and tests. s67(1) of the Electricity Act (under Singapore law) also makes licensing necessary for electricians: one is prohibited from working or operating any electrical or supply installation without the corresponding license granted by the EMA, and anyone who contravenes s67(1) would be liable to a fine not exceeding SGD 10,000 or an imprisonment term not exceeding 3 years, or both. In cases of continuing contraventions, a further fine not exceeding $250 per day will also be imposed. This goes to ensure the utmost safety and reliability of any electrical work done in your home.
However, DIY work does not necessarily come with the corresponding quality assurance that professionals can guarantee, and this might substantially compromise your safety. Electricians certified and licensed by our local authorities are more reliable and competent, and are highly likely to ensure the safety of your electrical appliances, whilst adhering to building and safety codes under the Building Control Act.

3. They provide better quality services than DIY work

With the relevant training and education, professional electricians can provide high-quality services that perhaps many DIY projects cannot hope to achieve. Being untrained and inexperienced in handling electrical matters, the DIY work of an average homeowner could be haphazard and poorly done, especially if the work involves more than just a simple task such as the changing of a light bulb. DIY work can only be a short-term solution at most, especially in more complex scenarios, such as tracing the cause of a short circuit or figuring out why your circuit breakers are tripping frequently. In these cases, our knowledge of electrical engineering becomes limited. Indeed, for those of us living in HDB flats, a misstep in repairing our electrical appliances could easily lead to a building-wide blackout, which is extremely inconvenient for the rest of the residents. For those of us living in landed properties, the electrical wiring is often more complex which makes us more prone to errors. Hence, it is wiser and safer to defer such issues to a professional, who can offer methodical and effective repairs, as well as quality advice on how to care for your appliances.

4. Their work is covered by warranties or guarantees

A professional electrician’s work often comes with a guarantee or a warranty that assures you of the quality of their work. It is common to hear of electricians in Singapore offering 6-month or 1-year guarantees, during which if your appliance fails because of electrical issues that were previously resolved, you may recall your electrician to fix the problem without any cost. Electricians will therefore take more care in handling your electrical needs, to save you the trouble of calling again in future, and to save themselves the time of re-visiting the same problem! Thus, with a time-guarantee, the quality of work provided by professionals is likely to be better than the ordinary DIY work that you may attempt yourself. This warranty or guarantee is aimed at protecting your rights against a larger company: this is more commonly known as the Lemon Law, which exists under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act of Singapore.

5. Cost savings

While this may sound contradictory, hiring an electrician can actually save costs in the long run! This is especially so if your DIY work turns out to be insufficient or shoddy. Minor slip-ups in DIY work can result in major consequences to your electricity supply: for example, mistaking electrical wires could easily cut off the electricity supply, resulting in blackouts in your home, or even building-wide. To minimise errors which could ultimately cost you a lot more money, it is better to call an electrician who can accurately troubleshoot your household electrical problems, and resolve them swiftly and effectively. This has the additional advantage of reducing the downtime of electricity supply (if it has been cut off), and reduces your inconvenience. In the long run, accurately troubleshooting electrical problems will save you a lot more money than trying to resolve it within your limited means of knowledge and experience.

More importantly, hiring a licensed and certified electrician ensures that if the electrician is injured during his work at your place, his / her medical costs will be covered by his company’s insurance scheme, and you will not need to worry about compensating him / her for their injuries.
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